This test uses 5 key indicators to give a clear picture of thyroid function rather than solely relying on TSH and T4 levels which can often appear “normal” even when the thyroid gland is under or over functioning. This also assesses for inflammatory and autoimmune response of the thyroid gland, which is often not assessed by the typical thyroid screen and can be resolved through an autoimmune anti-inflammatory protocol.

This panel is good for those with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, being treated or taking medication for thyroid, with family history of thyroid conditions or currently experiencing symptoms above as well as changes in weight.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune inflammatory condition often overlooked in the medical field. This comprehensive panel assesses inflammation to the gland including 2 autoimmune markers as well as the efficacy of binding and function of the gland to assess medical interventions such as medication dosage and alternative therapies.

THYROID COMPREHENSIVE PANEL is a blood panel used to determine thyroid function and can give more information to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss and disruption in skin health can all be signs of thyroid dysfunction.

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Sample Report Thyroid Serum

Free T3 (Free Triiodothyronine) – the more potent and biologically active thyroid hormone, T3 regulates growth and metabolism throughout the whole body.

Free T4 (Free Thyroxine) – considered a precursor hormone, T4 is converted to T3 as required by cells throughout the body; levels of T4 are generally much higher than T3.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) – produced by the pituitary gland, TSH tells the thyroid gland to increase or decrease production of T4 or conversion to T3 depending on the amounts circulating in the bloodstream via an efficient feedback system.

Anti-TG (Antibodies to Thyroglobulin) – a precursor to T4. If Anti-TG are present in significant amounts, this suggests an abnormal immune response against your own body, also called autoimmunity.

Anti-TPO (Antibodies to Thyroperoxidase) – is an enzyme that initiates the synthesis of T4. Antibodies to TPO indicate autoimmunity where the body is attacking normal proteins in the blood (in this case, TPO). People with anti-TPO have a higher chance of developing hypothyroidism that those who do not have antibodies to TPO.


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