Once you have mastered the basic Optimal Eating tenants discussed in Episode #2, then you can start to learn the functionality of foods and how incorporating them can help ease symptoms, boost metabolism, and prevent disease!

In this episode, Ali will walk you through 3 important classes of functional foods including probiotics, sulfur-containing foods for detox, and leafy greens. For each food group Ali will identify:
– The mechanism of action in the body
– The best food sources
– How much is needed to consume to achieve beneficial outcomes

By the end of this episode, the phrase “food-as-medicine” will become much more real and food related decisions will start to have a greater purpose!

Also covered in this episode:
● The Microbiome
● Probiotics: Neurotransmitter balance and digestion
● Ali’s RRR Detox protocol and why detox is important
● Phytocompounds: what are they?

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