Chances are you know at least someone close to you who has been diagnosed with breast cancer with a current rate of 5 out of every 40 women in the US. From prevention to treatment, what should women be eating? How can then heal faster or better yet, prevent the onset of cancer?

In this episode Ali will discuss lifestyle factors that drive breast cancer risk including endocrine disruptors found in cosmetics, lotions, plastics and more! Ali will discuss the dirty dozen list of produce items and how synthetic pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers can work as endocrine disruptors and drive toxicity in the body.

Ali’s expertise on this subject was utilized to develop a protocol for a National Institute of Health (NIH) five year stage 3 breast cancer research study at MD Anderson. Learn about her curriculum including the elements of didactic components and hands-on kitchen workshops and more!

Also covered in this episode:
● Estrogen receptor positive cancer
● Assessing hormonal imbalance
● Estrogen dominance
● Bioidentical vs. synthetic hormones
● How to support your immune system to fight cancer
● Detoxification

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