If you are restricting calories or limiting your diet but not seeing results, hormones may be to blame! Hormones can impact your ability to use calories, balance blood sugar, boost metabolism, burn belly fat, and gain satisfaction from foods. In this episode, Ali Miller will share 5 hormones that may be making you fat and share a recipe that can help get things on track! Hormones covered in this episode include Leptin (plays a role with satiety or feeling of satisfaction), Estrogen (a sexhormone that pays a role in belly fat but also in emotions and supple skin) Cortisol (primary stress hormone released during fight-or-flight), Adiponectin (made in the body’s fat stores and plays a role with how efficient the body is at metabolizing calories) and Dopamine (a neurohormone that plays a role in reward seeking or cravings). Learn more about all 5, which foods can increase or decrease their production, and more!

Also covered in this episode:

  • A recipe that address all 5 hormones with Food-As-Medicine
  • What labs you may want to run to assess hormones
  • Important Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements to consider
  • The relationship between fat and hormones

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