Some of the most over prescribed medications include Methamphetamines to treat attention deficits, especially in kids. However,  we know that ADHD and other psychological disorders may be caused by dietary and other digestive reasons and may be treated with food as medicine!

In this Episode, we focus on the brain food connection and techniques to feed yourself and your children for optimal brain function. Ali shares insight into the top 6 root causes of ADHD: Food allergies, micronutrient deficiencies, toxicity, pH imbalance, dysbiosis, blood sugar imbalances. Be sure to tune in to hear how these issues can lead to attention deficit, and more importantly, what can be done to treat them using food-as-medicine!

Also in this Episode:

  • Tips on optimal eating

  • Functional lab testing information

  • Medical grade supplementation

  • ADHD Choconana smoothie recipe!

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