Do you feel like a health and wellness guru but can’t seem to make the sustainable changes a reality in your life? Do you ever feel like you are in a food rut or just don’t know what to cook for dinner anymore? In this Episode, Ali and Carli share some of their favorite go-to meals in a flash, no-cook lunch and snack ideas, smoothies, and more!

In this Episode, we share our tips and tricks to make eating healthy a reality! We know all too well the struggle of having a full time job, a family, and acting like a short order cook on top of it all! Its enough to make the most people just break and order take out every night.  Ali and Carli break down how they fit in nutritious food even on the busiest weeks, share their top 5 grocery staples and more!

Also in this Episode:

  • Tips on meal prep

  • How to make a balanced smoothie

  • Go to meals and snacks in a flash

  • Best food swap outs

  • Other resources for support!

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