If you have ever thought about taking a food intolerance test, THIS is the Episode for you. Whether you are suffering from IBS, reflux, heartburn, bloating gas, chronic fatigue, headaches, joint pain or other inflammatory imbalance, be sure to tune in to see how this test could be beneficial for you!

Episode 30 FINALLY goes into depth about the highly buzzed about  MRT blood test which is an inflammatory food panel that Ali and Carli frequently mention and often use at Naturally Nourished, Ali’s Houston based wellness clinic. Ali and Carli tell you all about what this test is, how it works, who they would recommend take it, what it treats and how they interpret it for their clients.

Also in this Episode:

  • MRT vs Elisa or Alcat test, IgG, vs gE

  • 3 R Approach to Gut Restoration

  • The inflammation Connection

  • Supplements to consider


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