What does food mean to you? What goes through your head when making a decision on what to eat or what to buy at the grocery store? “Redefine your Relationship with Food” most likely meals something different to each one of us. Tune in to find out how Ali and Carli have changed their thought process on food and how you can start to restructure your own through processes on the subject!


In the Episode, Ali and Carli  talk all about the evolution of their own diets and the ebbs and flows of how they got to where they are today! Beyond treating diseases, it is important to think about the emotional connection one has with food. From eating local to supporting fair trade, everything you choose to eat has a story. Ali and Carli discuss what balance means to them and how they help clients identify simple ways to improve their relationship with food so that their diet is sustainable. Nourishing, and satisfying–not stressful! Tune in to learn how  you can Redefine your Relationship with Food!!


Also in this Episode:

  • Thoughts on Stevia and non-nutritive sweeteners
  • Food tracking can lead to food freedom
  • Emotional Hunger
  • And more!

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