Are you someone that knows what to do but can’t seem to make the changes you need to make in order to reach your goals? Do you find yourself making excuses and fall into the same patterns year after year? Tune in to hear Ali and Carli discuss tips and tricks to help finally make those New Year’s Resolutions happen!

Ali and Carli discuss the 3 stages of change and how to make permanent change happen once and for all. Sometimes human nature sets us up for difficulty in fighting our temptations and prevents us from meeting important goals we set for ourselves. There are however specific strategies that when applied, can help make any goal a reality, and consistency is key! If you are one that makes the same resolutions every year or can’t seem to break a bad habit that is holding you back, be sure to listen to this episode and learn the ways to finally reach your goals!


Also in this Episode:

  • Mind, Body, and Nourishment wellness goals
  • The most common barriers to change
  • Journal techniques
  • Breaking the chain of behavior
  • And more!

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