Do you struggle with drinking enough water? Are you in a water and green smoothie rut? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the importance of hydration, how to know you are adequately hydrated and share some of their favorite tips, tricks and recipes for ensuring optimal hydration beyond plain old water!

In this episode, Ali and Becki tackle the topic of hydration and its importance for a multitude of functions in the body from cellular metabolism to regulation of body temperature to detoxification. Learn about the signs of dehydration to watch for as well as how much water you should actually be consuming on a daily basis and when the best times to consume it is. From smoothies and shakes to water infusions, caffeinated beverages and even alcohol, this episode takes a deep dive into how to choose the most balanced options that provide optimal hydration and nutrient balance. Hear Ali and Becki discuss their favorite recipes and ingredients to make hydration anything but boring!


Also in this episode:

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