Oh, oh, oh Ozempic? By now you’ve probably heard the catchy jingle on TV or heard about the newest weight loss drug phenomenon that has the Kardashians looking downright skinny these days. But what exactly is Ozempic? Is it safe? Does it have side effects and is it a solution for long lasting weight loss or just another too good to be true ploy by big pharma? Tune in to hear us answer all these questions and more!


In this episode, we break down the mechanism of action of Ozempic or Wegovy. You will learn all about GLP-1, how this peptide is normally produced in the body, and how overriding the body’s signals with this injectable drug can be downright dangerous. Plus, we’ll compare this “wonder drug” to a food-as-medicine ketosis approach and teach you why the quick fix isn’t always the best solution!


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