Are you or a loved one concerned about your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease? Want to know about strategies for prevention and even reversal of cognitive decline? Curious about lab markers to assess for inflammation, toxicity and nutritional status? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss Alzheimer’s Disease from what causes it to how and why it progresses. Learn about the connection with blood sugar and why it is now being called Type 3 Diabetes. Get insight into a multifaceted approach to prevention and treatment of cognitive decline.


In this two part episode, Ali and Becki unpack the complexity of Alzheimer’s Diseases and cognitive decline and discuss the connection to sleep, stress, hormonal and blood sugar imbalance. Learn how micronutrients can play a role in optimal brain function and how you can assess for nutrient drivers of decline to get ahead of the game and maintain optimal function. Plus hear about some of the cutting edge research into ending Alzheimer’s and learn how we may be able to reverse decline with early intervention.


Also in this Episode:


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