Do you struggle to stay on track during the holiday season? Feel like Halloween to New Year’s is just one big snowball effect of overindulgence? Want to know what Ali and Becki have planned for Thanksgiving this year? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki share tips and tricks for avoiding holiday weight gain, sluggishness and sugar cravings and staying on track through the New Year.


In this episode, Ali and Becki provide strategy for navigating the holidays without going off the rails. The average holiday weight gain is said to be between 7-11 pounds and many will spend the first several months of the new year trying to lose this weight all over again. Learn about navigating a party or social situation and get inspired by real food holiday recipes. Plus hear what’s on Ali and Becki’s holiday wish lists this year and get great gift ideas for the foodie, wellness junkie or aspiring chef in your life!


Also in This Episode:

Staying on Track During the Holidays

Stella’s Halloween Recap

Holiday Survival Supplements

Thanksgiving Menu Plans

Naturally Nourished Gift Giving Guide!

Foodie Gifts

Wellness & Body

Kitchen Toys

Stocking Stuffers

Baller Gifts


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