Did our first episode on Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline spark your interest? Want to hear more about preventative strategies including the top supplements for optimal brain function? Curious about the connection of the APoE4 gene to Alzheimer’s and where keto fits in? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki go further down the rabbit hole of Alzheimer’s prevention and reversal of cognitive decline with an integrative approach.


In part two of this jam-packed episode, Ali and Becki go deep into supplemental recommendations for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and discuss the role of oxidative damage in progression of Alzheimer’s. Learn how a ketogenic diet can both reduce oxidative damage and promote autophagy to reduce plaque formation in the brain. Plus get the skinny on APoE4 genetics and how you can use this information to mitigate your risk for development of Alzheimer’s as well as other genes to test for and diet modifications to consider based on your individual genetics.


Also in this Episode:


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