Have you heard of the term endocrine disruptors but not really sure what it means? Want to know how this relates to estrogen and overall hormonal balance? Ready to hear how you can decrease exposure to these dangerous compounds in your daily life? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss estrogen dominance and how compounds that mimic our hormones are putting us at risk for hormonal imbalance, infertility, neurological disease, autoimmune conditions and mood disorders.

In this episode, Ali and Becki deconstruct the topic of estrogen overload and point to a culprit found in our environment, our homes, our products and beyond. Learn how your makeup or your plastic water bottle could actually be predisposing you to disease risk and what you can do to support your system in detoxing these harmful compounds! Hear our favorite replacement products for common household items, how you can navigate endocrine disruptors in the diet and what foods and supplements can serve as a front line of defense to support your body!

Also in this episode:

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