Are the prescription drugs you’re taking depleting your micronutrient status? Want to know more about how prescribed drugs can imbalance the body? Curious how you can “undo” the damage of common prescriptions or avoid them in the first place? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the status of prescription drugs in the US from stats on prescribing to the business of big pharma to Ali’s work on The Anti-Anxiety Diet.  Learn about drug-induced nutrient depletion and how common prescriptions block pathways in the body and can drive dysfunction.


In this episode, Ali and Becki examine the world of prescription drugs from statins to anti-depressants to birth control and PPIs. These common medications are often overprescribed as a band-aid approach and can neglect underlying issues, ultimately worsening health over time. Learn about how you can use functional medicine interventions get to the root cause of common conditions and avoid prescriptions while supporting whole body health. Hear why the use of supplements is distinctly different from the use of prescription medications and get some exciting updates about the Naturally Nourished supplement line!


Also in This Episode:


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