Do you hear the term leaky gut all the time and wonder what it actually means? Want to know the science behind this common condition and whether you might have it? Curious about how we approach leaky gut in a functional medicine model? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the many functions of the gut that make it a central focus of disease treatment from skin conditions to autoimmune disease to mood disorders and beyond!


In this episode, Ali and Becki walk through how leaky gut occurs and the many factors that can drive dysfunction from diet to medication use to the dynamic impact of stress. Learn about assessment markers and testing for leaky gut, how doing a probiotic challenge can help determine whether dysbiosis plays a part and where to start when addressing food sensitivities. Hear us walk through the 3R approach to leaky gut we use in clinic every day and get direct supplement and food as medicine recommendations to address gut health.


Also in This Episode:


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  1. If I get a high score on the candida quiz (21 points), would you still suggest the probiotic challenge first or would you just jump right into the candida protocol? Thanks!

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