Do you or a loved one struggle with high (or low) blood pressure? Are you looking for functional medicine approaches to keep you off of blood pressure meds? Want to know the inside scoop on why salt is NOT the enemy for high blood pressure and why we need to take a closer look at sugar and excessive carbs? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki dive in to blood pressure highs, lows and everything in between. From risk factors that drive abnormal blood pressure to the HPA-axis and stress connection to concerns with conventional treatments, learn how you can support this important marker of overall health and reduce your cardiovascular risk! 


In this episode, Ali and Becki discuss the ins and outs of blood pressure and what it means to have high, low or normal blood pressure. Learn why conventional treatments fail to address the root cause and why the side effects of common medications nearly always outweigh any potential benefit. Plus get actionable tips on important labs to run, supplements to support blood pressure balance and how you can use food as medicine to address cardiovascular and whole body health. 


Also in this Episode:


This episode is sponsored by Further Food, a female owned and operated company that provides the highest quality food as medicine supplements including their Collagen Peptides, Pasture-Raised Gelatin Daily Turmeric Tonic and Mindful Matcha. Use code ALIMILLERRD at checkout for 10% off! 



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