Want to know more about the voice behind the Naturally Nourished Podcast? Feel like Ali is already your BFF and want to know what makes her tick? Got burning questions about Ali’s career evolution? Tune in to hear your favorite podcast hosts reveal the inner workings of Ali Miller from how and where she grew up to how she got started in functional medicine to her favorite reality TV shows and more! 


This week, Naturally Nourished listeners are in for a treat! We’re taking a step away from our usual science-heavy and functional medicine forward episodes to celebrate 150 episodes with an in depth chat with Ali Miller! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the functional medicine expert behind this podcast, this episode is for you! Learn about Ali’s upbringing and her days as a competitive dancer, why she sported dreadlocks, how she met Brady and her personal and business evolution. Plus Ali spills her favorite supplements, kitchen equipment and guilty pleasure TV shows and answers the age old question–Real Housewives of New York or Beverly Hills?!


Also in this Episode:


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