Are you pregnant or trying to conceive and wondering how to best prepare your body? Want to know what happens in the first trimester in your body and what changes are already happening in the first 12 weeks? Curious about carbs and pregnancy and why eating keto in the first trimester might not feel great? Tune in to hear Becki get personal about her first trimester, from finding out she was pregnant to dealing with morning sickness to how her diet changed in some pretty unexpected ways! 


In this episode, Ali and Becki dive into first trimester shifts and nutrient demands for mama and baby as well as some of the common pregnancy symptoms and how to address them without medication. Learn tips and tricks for dealing with nausea and what Becki really ate during the early weeks (spoiler alert: it was not a perfectly balanced keto diet!) Plus learn about why iodine, DHA, and choline are essential to a healthy pregnancy and how to up your intake of these and other essential nutrients for building a super baby!


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