Has your keto hit a standstill or are you no longer seeing results? New to keto and overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information? Looking to optimize your low carb high fat lifestyle and make it a sustainable lifestyle? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss 5 keto fails that even the most experienced keto veterans can fall victim to and how to recover from them! 


Whether you find yourself asking “is _____ keto?” or are so married to your macros that you ignore your body’s hunger and satiety signals, this episode digs into the dogma that can happen to the best of us on a keto diet! Learn why “keto or bust” is not a sustainable approach when under stress and why tightening up when under stress will likely drive unfavorable outcomes, why detox support is an essential part of a balanced approach and how micronutrient deficiency might be halting your progress. Plus we answer a couple of burning listener questions on high fasting glucose, modifying your intermittent fasting approach under stress and starting points for those looking to learn more about the science of ketosis. 


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