Have your healthy habits gone out the window with the recent stress of the pandemic? Looking to reset and need some direction? Want to create rituals that you can stick to no matter what comes your way? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the barriers to long term healthy shifts and discuss solutions to establishing lasting routines that support optimal health. 


If you experienced a loss of your routine with recent events or if you find it hard to keep up your habits during times of high stress, you are definitely not alone. When our schedules are disrupted, many of us reach for comfort in the form of increased snacking or more indulgent food choices or let our wellness routines slip. In this episode, Ali and Becki discuss how to cope with loss of routine, what it means to create your own ritual and how you can rebound your body from the vicious cycle of stress and cravings. Learn about practical tips for creating new routines, supplemental support for cravings and how to add back structure to create resilience in your body and mind. 


Also in this episode: 



Also in this episode: 

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