Are you dealing with an autoimmune diagnosis or health challenge and in need of some inspiration? Want to hear how one client got her MS into remission using food as medicine? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview long-time client and MS Warrior Ann Pinchak on her journey from MS diagnosis to healing with food as medicine. 


In this special episode, Ali and Becki speak to Ann Pinchak about her journey from a scary diagnosis to thriving with MS and helping others to do the same. Learn how Ann transitioned to applying a nutrient dense paleo approach with the Wahl’s Protocol and has used a high-fat keto approach to not only manage symptoms but see remission and truly achieve optimal health. 


More about Ann:

Ann is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a certified Wahls Health Practitioner, and a licensed facilitator with the More To Life (MTL) program. As an NTP and Wahls Health Practitioner, she uses a foundational, holistic approach to assess nutritional deficiencies and support others to follow a nutrient-dense diet and active lifestyle. As a licensed MTL facilitator, she facilitates courses to support participants to find their life’s meaning and purpose.

In 2003, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which set her on a new path of discovery, dramatically changing her life. Ann uses lifestyle – diet, exercise, and mindset to heal. Prior to her diagnosis, she practiced immigration and civil rights law. She has two adult sons and two young grandchildren, all joys of her life.

Also in This Episode: 


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