Here we are 1 year in and we know a lot more than we did from our last official coverage in February. In this episode we cover updates on masks, disinfectants, and lockdowns, as well as new studies demonstrating lack of efficacy and serious concerns. We also unpack the stats on death toll noting this year there has been no increase in total death count when comparing to prior years sharing the work of John Hopins research demonstrating a reclassification of deaths vs. deaths caused by coronavirus. Beyond classification of deaths, we cover the faulty testing being used to drive the case count.


This episode ensures you are empowered with the connection of susceptibility + infection = disease. The infection or exposure alone may not be significant as updated data demonstrates. However, the restrictions continue to tighten and threats loom into 2022?!? We question the narrative and call out medical incongruency with policy as well as cover food-as-medicine and supplement support.


Have you been infected with COVID? We cover the mechanisms of long-haulers and how to support the body in successfully resetting following exposure to rebound energy, reduce inflammation, and regain mental health. Also in this episode we discuss the roles of the medical industrial complex and how facts and clinical information that can serve the public is being blocked and deleted. Learn how you can support your body and be proactive in not just surviving but living your life to the fullest!


Also in This Episode:

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  1. I am so glad I’m not the one losing my mind concerning this “pandemic”. So many of the things you cover in this podcast is what I have understood from the beginning. I have no medical training, but I’d like to think I’m openminded and have a bit of common sense. Thank you for this. I sent this link to all 4 of my grown children and told them to spread the message. I also sent it to my sister who is also concerned with all the nonsense surrounding DIVOC.

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