Have you seen the most recent Jillian Michaels video demonizing the keto diet? Yep, she’s at it again, throwing keto under the bus with her pseudosciency buzzwords! This time Jillian bashed keto for including too much animal protein and saturated fat, accelerating aging, disrupting the microbiome and several other misguided claims. Tune in to hear Ali and Becki debunk JIllian once again and deliver some nerdy real talk on why we still love keto!


In this episode, Ali and Becki debunk Jillian point by point, from how keto can be rich in fiber to why quality absolutely matters to why vegetable oils are a poor choice. Learn about the real anti-aging benefits of a ketogenic diet, how keto prevents oxidative damage and supports cellular health and how keto can actually support healthy gut flora. Plus hear our reflections on 2020 and inspiration for 2021.


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