Do you deal with reflux or heartburn? Want to know how to manage these conditions without medication? Heartburn and acid reflux can be extremely uncomfortable causing pressure and pain in the chest, ribs, and irritating the esophagus! Unfortunately the number of people suffering from these conditions has increased dramatically over the last decade. What is even more alarming is the number of people on acid suppressing drugs and oftentimes with no understanding of their harmful side effects and unknowing that they can actually resolve the chronic condition. 


In this episode Ali and Becki talk about the reasons heartburn and reflux occur, why prescriptions and OTCs do more harm than good, and how to resolve reflux and heartburn with targeted nutrients and food-as-medicine solutions. Learn clinical pearls on the use of digestive enzymes, l-glutamine, mucilaginous compounds and how to get off your prescription for good! 


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This episode is also sponsored by FOND Bone Broth Tonics, Your Sous Chef in a Jar. FOND is slow simmered and lovingly tended from simmer to seal. They partner with organic farms and hand-pick and pair ingredients to optimize absorption and taste. Use code ALIMILLERRD to save at


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