Did you know that a ketogenic diet can support immune health? Beyond its tried and true benefits of weight loss, fertility, and enhanced neurological health, keto has multiple mechanisms that reduce inflammation in the body. In fact, keto can reduce certain inflammatory chemicals including inflammasomes, it can enhance cell membrane health and can even reduce CRP by 35-40%. What’s more, there is a direct relationship between ketones and T Cell function including enhanced production and specificity of these long term players of the immune system. 


In this episode, we unpack the many benefits of the ketogenic diet on the immune system and get into the nitty gritty research of how a ketogenic diet can be used as a clinical tool for restoring and maintaining metabolic and immune health. We also unpack the taboo topic of n@tural immunitee (did you know it is a banned hashtag?!) Learn how to rev up your immune system using keto along with targeted supplementation and how you can make your terrain resilient to whatever viru$ comes our way next!


Also in this episode: 


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