We’ve all heard about the dangers of too much estrogen, from estrogen dominance driving PMS and undesirable symptoms to estrogen related cancers. But did you know that having too little estrogen can also be problematic? Tune in to learn about why you NEED estrogen from supporting healthy skin, to fertility, to bone health and beyond. 


In this episode, Ali and Becki discuss the many roles of estrogen in the body and the ways that estrogen can become deficient well before menopause or perimenopause. Learn about common symptoms of low estrogen including irregular cycles, depression, low sex drive, and frequent UTIs. We also discuss the estrogen and bone loss connection, cardiovascular concerns with both too much and too little estrogen, and so much more! And of course we cover food as medicine to help boost estrogen levels as well as supplements that can support balanced hormones. 


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This episode is also sponsored by FOND Bone Broth Tonics, Your Sous Chef in a Jar. FOND is slow simmered and lovingly tended from simmer to seal. They partner with organic farms and hand-pick and pair ingredients to optimize absorption and taste. Use code ALIMILLERRD to save at fondbonebroth.com


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