Do you struggle with cravings? Find yourself falling off your clean keto from time to time? Are you in need of a reboot of your habits? Tune in to hear us unpack the deep emotional and physical roots of cravings as well as how you can work to create new habits and patterns that are supportive of your wellness goals!


In this episode, we address what is actually happening in the brain during a craving and how neurotransmitters play a major role. We discuss interventions for common imbalances such as low dopamine and gaba so that instead of white-knuckling a craving or giving in, you have tools to correct deficiencies in your body. We also cover several nutrient deficiencies that can cause you to crave specific foods (hello, magnesium and chocolate!). Hear us walk through a 5 step plan for establishing healthy habits and get recipe inspiration for snacks that can curb cravings! 


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