Have you tried our Naturally Nourished Grassfed Whey? Curious about what sets a non-denatured grassfed whey apart from a whey isolate you might find at the grocery store or sports nutrition shop? Want to learn about the unique benefits of a minimally processed grassfed whey? Tune in to hear us cover an unsung hero of food-as-medicine, non-denatured grassfed whey! 


In this episode, we talk about the health benefits of grassfed whey, from weight loss and body composition change, to improving bone health, immune health, detoxification and more! Learn how the minimal processing method of our whey preserves unique compounds like lactoferrin, immunoglobulins and antioxidants. Plus we share some of our favorite recipes using our Naturally Nourished Grassfed Whey and troubleshoot some frequently asked questions. 


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This episode is sponsored by Santa Cruz Medicinals, makers of potent and affordable CBD with effective dosing. For more information check out www.scmedicinals.com and use code ALIMILLERRD for 15% off your order. 

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