Are you curious about preparing for pregnancy or birth? Want to know if you can still lift heavy or keep up your normal fitness routine? According to Dr. Lindsey Mathews Cantu, CEO and founder of BIRTHFIT, birth is the most athletic event of your life! Learn about preparing mentally, emotionally and physically for pregnancy and birth and how the conventional approach to fitness during pregnancy is all wrong. 


In this episode, we interview Lindsey about everything from mindset and following your intuition to heart rate variability and beyond. We cover the state of birth in America and how the medicalization of birth can increase the risk of interventions and complications. Plus we discuss medical freedom, home birth, working out at any stage from preconception through postpartum and beyond. 


More about Dr. Lindsey Mathews Cantu:

Lindsey is a doctor of chiropractic, birth doula, NLP practitioner, strength and conditioning coach, and Mercier Therapist. Lindsey started BIRTHFIT in 2013 as a blog with a deep desire to support and educate women in their menstrual cycles, movement and fitness and training, biohacking and nourishment, and throughout the motherhood transition. 


Lindsey is the CEO and Founder of BIRTHFIT and co-founder and chiropractor at Willow Haus in New Braunfels, TX. 


BIRTHFIT provides holistic, general strength and conditioning for women in all seasons and cycles of their lives, including preconception, pregnancy, and healing postpartum. 


Willow Haus is a nervous system chiropractic and wellness practice in New Braunfels, TX serving intentional living people and families throughout the Texas Hill Country. 


Lindsey and her husband Lance currently call Wimberley, TX home. 


Lindsey’s core values are LOVE, GROWTH, FREEDOM, and CONNECTION.


Also in this episode: 


Sponsors for this episode:

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