Are you getting your 2-3 cups leafy greens daily? Need some inspiration to switch things up for the fall and winter season? Curious about consuming leafy greens if you have a thyroid condition, are on a blood thinner, or don’t tolerate greens well? Tune in to this fun and light episode where we break down the reasons to get your greens, what to do if not tolerating them, and how to make this a daily reality! 


In this episode, we remind listeners of all the reasons to get your greens in on a daily basis. From unique phytonutrients like kampherol, to gut-supporting compounds like sulfoquinovose, to important vitamins and minerals, we discuss the benefits of leafy greens. For those not tolerating greens well, we discuss changing up preparation techniques, troubleshooting gut issues, and food sensitivities. Get inspired with food as medicine recipes to get your 2-3 cups daily with no excuses!


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