What exactly is biodynamic gardening? How can we work with nature to create healthy soil and plants? What does burying a cow horn have to do with anything? Tune in to Ali and Becki’s interview with Tammy Kattner of Hamilton Pool Farm and Vineyards to learn all this and more! 


In this fascinating interview, Tammy shares how Hamilton Pool Farm and Vineyards got its start, how she approaches farming from a biodynamic perspective, and how you can apply this to your home garden. Learn about irrigation, how to buy seeds, ways to enrich the soil that are anything but conventional, and so much more! 


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More About Tammy: 

Tammy Kattner has always had a deep love and passion for the natural world. Growing up in Southern California, she would spend as much time outdoors as possible, often frequenting the beach, mountains, Yosemite National Park, and developing a strong desire to live off the land. Connection to the wild has always been her compass. 


Tammy holds a B.A. in Social Science with an emphasis in environmentalism, a teaching degree and a Master’s in Education. She has over 20+ years working within the holistic health arena, including nutrition, fitness therapy, teaching, re-wilding, nature immersion, herbalism and regenerative & biodynamic based farming. All of these elements have brought her to building her dream at Hamilton Pool Farms – where she has co-created a regenerative, permaculture & biodynamic farm, with a Farm School and education program that connects over hundreds students with gardening, food sourcing, sustainably and nature skills. 


Tammy is a mother of five children who have always been her inspiration for a more natural world.  She enjoys bee-keeping her apiary at the farm, loving on her sweet Golden Doodle farm dog, and connecting with nature as she develops the farm culture while teaching a more sustainable & natural way of living. 


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