Have you heard the new guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics on childhood obesity? If you have, you are likely as astounded and outraged as we are to hear drug therapy and bariatric surgery recommended to children as a way to manage the growing problem of childhood obesity. Tune in to hear us break down the new guidelines and offer sustainable, cost-affordable solutions for families. 


Obesity currently affects about 20% of children and 42% of adults, and we agree this is a problem that needs to be faced head on. However, recommending drugs and weight loss surgery to children without offering any guidance on diet and exercise is just not a sustainable solution. In fact, the AAP guidance could have devastating effects on children while, no surprise, driving big profits for pharma. Learn how carb awareness, low carb, and detox support can be appropriate for overweight and obese children, creating whole body wellness for a lifetime. Plus we discuss the role of nutrient deficiency, essential supplementation, exercise and more in combating this multifaceted issue. 


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