Have you heard of Breast Implant Illness? If you have implants, could they be making you sick? Tune in to hear us interview Dr. Robert Whitfield, a board certified plastic surgeon and expert in breast implant illness who now performs more explants than implants! 


Breast Implant Illness (BII), according to Dr. Whitfield, is driven by an inflammatory response to the breast implant itself, or to bacteria (biofilms) that may grow on the breast implant surface or within the scar capsule. This inflammation can create a wide range of symptoms that patients experience after getting breast implants. In this episode, we dig into symptoms to look out for including chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain and more. We discuss who is most susceptible to breast implant illness, how to determine if BII is driving your symptoms, when to consider explant and how you can support your body for best surgical outcomes. 


Dr. Whitfield’s Bio: 

Dr. Whitfield is an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He completed six years of surgical training at Indiana University Medical Center. He remained at the Indiana University Medical Center to complete his Plastic Surgery Residency and gained additional training in Microsurgery and Aesthetic Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and the American Medical Association.


Dr. Whitfield focuses on providing clients with nutritional guidance, nutraceutical advice, personal genetic predisposition screening, non-invasive radio frequency, minimally invasive radio frequency  and surgical options for treatments all over the body.  He has completed over 5000 breast procedures since 2004 including over 1100 breast implant removals with and without holistic transformations with fat transfer.  He has the largest series of explant specimens with PCR testing.  While serving as the President Elect of the Research Foundation he gave testimony at the FDA hearings in 2019 regarding Breast Implant Illness. 


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