Are you unsure of whether dairy fits in your real food lifestyle? Curious about the benefits of certain forms of dairy? Want to know the telltale signs you should eliminate dairy? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss both sides of the story when it comes to dairy and how to choose if dairy is right for you. Learn about the benefits of raw milk, cultured dairy and grassfed whey and why it is essential to focus on sourcing if consuming dairy. Plus, get the scoop on the estrogenic influence of dairy, how dairy may impact mental health and the insulin effects of dairy so you can make a truly informed decision on whether to consume!


In this Episode, Ali and Becki take on both sides of the dairy argument and discuss the benefits of certain whole food forms of dairy, why the way dairy is processed matters and how compounds like oligosaccharides, immunoglobulins, probiotics and colostrum can be health supporting. Learn about the difference between goat and cow dairy and why this may be a better option for some due to the casein protein variance in different animal milks. On the flip side, learn about the hormonal concerns with dairy, what conditions might benefit from its elimination and why Ali’s Anti-Anxiety Diet book is dairy free. Plus, get tools for accidental dairy exposure and to mitigate the effects of overindulgence and our favorite dairy and non-dairy recipes!


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  1. I plan on doing your 10 day detox and am considering eliminating dairy during this time. What do you recommend in place of the grass fed whey in this situation?

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