Have you been patiently waiting for us to do an episode specifically on men’s health? Are you looking to address male hormonal concerns, prostate or cardiovascular health? Want to hear our take on using food-as-medicine to address common concerns with aging, hair loss or cognitive performance for men? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss common concerns such as elevated PSA and the downside of statin drugs in this episode that is just for the dudes!


In this long-awaited episode, Ali and Becki tackle common issues related to men’s health and wellness. All too often symptoms men experience like frequent urination, hair loss or dwindling energy and cognitive performance are written off as a “normal” part of the aging process, overlooking true root causes like micronutrient deficiency, inflammation or hormonal imbalance! This episode will empower you (or the guy in your life) to take control of your health and avoid unnecessary medication, address bothersome symptoms and reclaim your energy and drive!


Also In This Episode:

GI Lining (contains glutamine for muscle repair and to alleviate post-workout fatigue)

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