Most people are familiar with the Macronutrients including: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat. But do you know about micronutrients and the millions of roles they play? In this Episode Ali will be discussing what micronutrients are and why they are important. Ali will highlight 3 specific micronutrients including Glutathione, Zinc and B12.

For each micronutrient, Ali will explain:
-The function in the body
-Common symptoms of depletion
-The best food sources

Beyond micronutrient information, Ali will elucidate how our food system has become so void in nutrients and how often we are overfed yet malnourished!

Also covered in this episode:
● How does one become deficient in micronutrients?
● How our food system has lost nutrient density through monocrops
● What supplements may be necessary to replete deficiency
● Food-as-Medicine support to enhance absorption and use

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed the first of your podcasts that I’ve listened to – micronutrients. I was curious to look up a few of the links mentioned (the spectracel resources, which brand of supplements you recommend, etc). I’m wondering if you have links or show notes somewhere? I didnt see them but wasnt sure if I was just missing them. thanks!

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