Episode #1 Who is Ali Miller?

In episode #1 of the Naturally Nourished Podcast you will meet Ali Miller RD LD CDE,
owner of Naturally Nourished and her Vice President, Carli Vogler RD LD.
In this episode, Ali and Carli discuss their backgrounds, how they met, and their training
as Registered Dietitians and Functional Medicine practitioners. Ali will discuss her approaches of food-as-medicine and her passion of the sustainable food movement with supporting local farmers and organic foods which ultimately staged the platform of her private practice, Naturally Nourished. Have you ever wondered what Functional Medicine is or what the phrase “Food-as-Medicine” means? Be sure to tune in!

Also covered in this episode:

● Ali Miller’s training at Bastry University and Medical Background
● MD Anderson Stage 3 Breast Cancer Study
● What is Naturally Nourished?
● The Launch of Ali’s private practice
● What is Food-as-Medicine?
● Why does sustainability matter?

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