Fertility, PCOS, and Hormonal Imbalance

Infertility: From PCOS to Hormonal Imbalance and Beyond! 60-minute lecture with 15-minute interactive Q&A, TBD

Infertility can be both a financial and emotional burden to cause distress and dysfunction in your body. Conventional medicine often falls short in the assessment and treatment of infertility making generalized interventions that miss the mark causing emotional spikes, weight gain, irritability, and ultimately driving systemic imbalance. Functional medicine addresses the root cause of chronic conditions and in this webinar Ali will delve into the top 6 causes of infertility: stress, dysbiosis, inflammation, leaky gut, insulin resistance, and hormonal dominance (including PCOS and endometriosis). You will learn about functional medicine interventions including advanced lab assessments and supplement recommendations to provide your body with the best opportunity to support a healthy feature family member!

In this webinar you will  learn:

  • 3 superfoods for fertility
  • Hormonal dominance and how to reset balance in the body
  • How to increase your progesterone for healthy fertility and successful full term birth
  • The role of stress on your hormones and inflammatory response
  • How to create a welcoming environment in your uterus
  • Autoimmune disease and infertility
  • Common pharmaceutical interventions and their effects
  • Food-as-medicine suport to optimize fertility

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