Fight with your Fork!

Fight with your Fork! Food-as-Medicine support for Cancer Treatment and Prevention, 60-minute lecture with 15-minute interactive Q&A.

Are you seeking complementary alternative support to your cancer treatment plan? Are you or a family member anticipating treatment and want to manage side effects? Have you completed your treatment and want to maintain in remission and cancer-free? Are you frustrated or confused with your diagnosis and want more support? Do you want to feel confident you gave it every fighting chance?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • 3 steps to radically change your diet
  • Understanding Cancer: mechanisms of action, causes, risk factors, treatment plans
  • How to starve off cancer through anti-angiogenesis foods
  • Natural aromatase inhibitors and how to reduce estrogen
  • Apoptosis/Natural Killer Cells and how they work to defend the body and kill off tumors
  • Nature vs. Nurture: Understanding the role of your genes vs. environment and lifestyle
  • Nutrigenomics: the science of nutrients’ ability to modify genetic expression
  • Eating to Boost energy levels
  • Management of treatment side effects
  • Superfoods for antioxidant support
  • Ways to balance blood sugar for sustainable energy throughout the day
  • Importance of organics and how toxins affect you

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