Managing Diabetes and Prediabetes

Managing Diabetes and Prediabetes with Functional Medicine, 60-minute lecture with 15-minute interactive Q&A, Wednesday 4/20/16 12pm CST OR 5pm CST

Diabetes can be an overwhelming time with a lot of information and even more misinformation on how to manage your condition. The successful application of food-as-medicine can empower you to take control and even reverse the disease. As a certified diabetes educator, Ali will walk you through complementary alternative approaches in symptom management and treatment of diabetes. In this lecture you will learn about the underlying contributors to diabetes. You will learn about mechanisms in autoimmune roles, as well as inflammatory roles and how food can modulate their expression. Ali will explain the role of foods and additives that disrupt endocrine signals and how to reduce the accumulation of toxic compounds (exocrine disruptors) that drive insulin resistance. Learn about up-to-date research on grain products and the role of glycemic impact and carbohydrate load as well as the use of low carb diets with the diabetic population.

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • Conditions of diabetes and how to address with micronutrients and food-as-medicine
  • Understand how functional medicine relates to type one and type two diabetes
  • About insulin resistance what it is and major contributors
  • The role of non-caloric sweeteners on blood sugar balance
  • The best sweeteners and how to best manage blood sugar levels
  • How to identify endocrine disruptors and understand their contribution to insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Symptoms of imbalanced blood sugar levels and how to address with food as medicine

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