The 3 R’s of Gut Restoration

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The 3 R’s of Gut Restoration: Remove the Irritant, Restore Optimal Function, and Repair your leaky gut with food-as-medicine! PRE-RECORDED 60-minute lecture with 15-minute Q&A

All health starts in the gut! From leaky gut and autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, yeast/bacterial overgrowth, and beyond, this webinar will cover the 3Rs of creating optimal gut health addressing a multitude of conditions. Learn about how to remove dietary irritants including foods and chemicals as well as biological irritants such as parasites, dysbiosis, and candida or other yeast strains. The role of a healthy gut lining plays a role in long-term repair and recovery, learn about bone broth, probiotics, and other therapeutic foods to heal your gut and lead to optimal outcomes.

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • How the GI tract functions optimally
  • Often overlooked areas of imbalance
  • Labs that assess food and chemical sensitivities and inflammatory reactions
  • Stool and breath assessments to identify biological imbalance and bacteria state
  • How to make bone broth and other therapeutic foods
  • Supplement recommendations that work to address conditions noted above
  • Typical foods driving sensitivity and how to begin an elimination diet

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