What Is Autoimmune Disease?

What Is Autoimmune Disease and How to Heal Your Body from the Root Cause? 60-minute lecture with 15-minute interactive Q&A, TBD

The immune system is the body’s surveillance and defense system that works to protect the body from invaders such as: pathogens from bacteria, parasite, and virus, abnormal tissue such as tumors and more. It is the immune system’s job to upregulate the cellular players to fight off these compounds and regulate inflammatory response. However when the immune system is overburdened with physiological or psychological stress, it often overreacts to otherwise harmless elements of the body such as glands or tissues. This overreaction can be seen as an attack to the body otherwise known as autoimmune disease.

Ali will talk about the key players in the immune system including inflammatory mediators and the different defense systems the body has in place to protect against invasion; surface barriers, varied stages of inflammation, and adaptive cells. You will learn how to assess for autoimmune conditions as well as the three most common conditions and how to manage chronic autoimmune disease from the root cause with food-as-medicine.

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • Probiotics and the Immune system connection
  • The role of stress on the immune system
  • Leaky gut and the role of autoimmune disease
  • Top 5 food-as-medicine solutions to reduce inflammatory autoimmune processes
  • Laboratory assessments to treat and diagnose autoimmune conditions

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