Whether you consider yourself a nutritional guru or you are just starting to work on your wellness goals, you can find the tools you need to improve your wellbeing with real food and functional medicine with our selection of books, webinars, supplements, and more!

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The Naturally Nourished supplements are developed from the highest quality products available to support your wellness goals with formulas that are safe, proven, and effective! These selected formulas yield the most significant results as best sellers in our clinic.

Browse Ali’s books and eBooks, covering topics from Real Food Detox to Candida overgrowth, as well as disease states such as Cancer and Diabetes. Then, start your food as medicine journey with more than 100 recipes in the Naturally Nourished cookbook!

Schedule a private consult with a registered dietician, trained in Ali’s specific protocols. Our team of nutrition practitioners can develop an intervention and treatment protocol to promote wellness, symptom resolution and disease management utilizing food-as-medicine. Work locally at our Houston-based practice, Naturally Nourished, or work virtually with Ali.

Start your wellness journey with cutting-edge functional lab tests that provide a thorough assessment of your body’s systems and metabolic function that many standard labs overlook.

Learn more from anywhere, any time! Ali’s webinars break down the root cause of disease and dysfunction and discuss how to address these conditions with specialized diets, nutritional supplementation, and food as medicine.

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