I am passionate about food-as-medicine and the real food movement. Everything you eat provides a signal to your body leading to optimal functionality or disease.

I feel strongly about motivating others to select real foods that have been grown sustainably, locally, and seasonally to provide a fuel source that nourishes and heals. Supporting heirloom varieties of plants and animals as well as wild-caught proteins or forged vegetation provides a diverse web of nutritional compounds that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This site allows a platform to connect you beyond my medical practice, Naturally Nourished. I hope you enjoy exploring my TV segments, virtual classes, DVDs, food-as-medicine meal plans, personal blog, and featured recipes using them as tools to fuel and support your food-as-medicine journey to optimal health!

I focus on nourishing my body with whole, non-processed, traditional foods—single ingredient items that are locally and sustainably grown, and pasture-raised or wild caught proteins that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Everything you eat acts as a signal to your body, leading to either optimal functioning with food-as-medicine, or disease.


Food-as-medicine is the understanding that food can serve as a contributor to disease and dysfunction or as a driver for optimal organ function and disease treatment or prevention. By avoiding inflammatory, processed, toxic ingredients and food-like-substances through a whole foods based diet, you are beginning to experience the benefits of food as medicine. However, Ali can help you to take it further by enhancing your diet with food-as-medicine through the addition of therapeutic ingredients that promote healthy function and lead to optimal metabolic balance. With the use of food-as-medicine, you can gain a multitude of treatments for a single intention without the undesired side effects of a mono-focused medication.


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