Weight loss is not as simple as calories in calories out, you are a complex chemistry equation, not a simple calculator! In my functional approach, I will provide access for you to look at root causes of your stubborn metabolism. If your body’s metabolism is sluggish, the first place to check is on toxin overload which can impact blood sugar regulation and caloric burn. Once you have supported your body with the nutrients required for detox and participated in a 10-day cleanse you may choose to transition the diet into a fat burning machine using ketosis as a metabolic boost.


10-day Real Food Detox

Detoxification is an essential process to optimal metabolism and unless you’ve been living in a bubble you need to start here!

Every year your body is burdened with 6 billion pounds of toxins released into our environment. Your liver and kidneys are equipped to do the dirty work but the demands far exceed the body’s ability to safely encapsulate and excrete toxins which means often our body is holding on to the surplus in your fat stores. If you had some weight loss success or are doing keto but hit a roadblock likely it is that your body released some of the stubborn toxins that were stored in fat with your weight loss but these toxins now may be having endocrine disrupting influence messing with your thyroid, sexual hormones, or driving insulin resistance.

My 10-day Real Food Detox focuses on Resetting your Metabolism, Restoring your Digestion, and Renewing your Cellular Health to reduce free radical exposure and safely enhance your body’s metabolic function. The bundled program includes my virtual class, a 30+ page ebook with recipes and protocol, and the supplement packs to support successful outcomes.

Virtual Ketosis

Are you looking for accelerated weight loss, more energy, less brain fog, and reduced inflammation?

Transitioning into nutritional ketosis is a way to support lean body mass while accelerating fat burn. The body makes ketones when carbohydrates are restricted, this also, in turn, lowers insulin levels which shifts the body from storage weight gain mode into accessing the body’s excess reserves in your body fat. My program and ebooks provide guidance on using whole real foods (no fake sweeteners or processed products here!) to turn your body into a fat burning machine and gain the benefits of ketones including supporting cognitive function and preserving energy stores.

The ketogenic diet is quite popular and like anything, there is always a good-better-best approach. Grabbing a spot in my 12-week Virtual Food-As-Medicine Ketosis Program ensures you have a tailored approach with various protocols taking into account your needs including modifications for: hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, breastfeeding, autoimmune disease, and more!



The Weight Loss Plus Advanced Metabolic Panel is good entry point if you aren’t actively working with a doctor and want to look at foundational influencing factors including a comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid test, adrenal marker, inflammation, and blood sugar metabolism with fasting insulin. If you have had only the basic thyroid labs, TSH and T4, and your doctor won’t run a more detailed panel, inform yourself on your gland function with the Thyroid Complete Panel.

If you know you are dealing with inflammation (especially if you have an elevated CRP) and food sensitivity, I’d suggest running the MRT Test to identify foods and chemicals that drive immunological inflammation thus putting the brakes on your metabolism and driving swelling and pain.

The CardioMetabolic Panel is a great way to look beyond fasting insulin at other markers of metabolism such as adiponectin and leptin, this information is very helpful if considering extended fasting or carb cycling. Beyond markers to modify your ketogenic diet, this test includes a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health including beyond standard cholesterol screen a lipoprotein particle size, blood clot risk with LPa, and homocysteine as a marker of methylation status. It also looks at HgbA1C% for a 3-month blood sugar average along with inflammatory marker CRP, and a marker of pancreatic health, c-peptide.

If you are dealing with fatigue, hair loss, nerve tingling, or random symptom shifts and you have varied demands on your body from lifecycle or lifestyle changes, consider the Micronutrient Test which assesses 35 different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as a comprehensive report card to your nutritional status.

Note: I strongly recommend taking my Multidefense for at least 1 month leading up to the panel to cover nutritional support as a baseline, then the micronutrient test will be additional needs over a high-quality multivitamin.


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