Are you ready to rock the new year and make this your healthiest one yet? Have some holiday weight gain you’re looking to get rid of? Want tips and tricks to switch up your weight loss game? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss approaches to fat burn from keto and intermittent fasting to nutrients of focus for optimizing metabolism. Learn about the role of carnitine, chromium and biotin in weight loss and hear our take on cryotherapy and sauna use for accelerated weight loss.

In this episode, Ali and Becki discuss the muscle sparing and fat burning effects of keto and promising research into the impact of keto on basal metabolic rate. Hear about ways to incorporate intermittent fasting, whether a 16:8 model is appropriate for you or if you are a candidate for an extended fast such as a bone broth fast. Plus get supplement recommendations to bust through a weight loss plateau and learn whether freezing or sweating your butt off with cold and heat therapy is worth it!

Also in this episode:


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