I am so glad you made it here! Maybe you read The Anti-Anxiety Diet, heard me as a guest on your favorite podcast or met me at a conference. How ever you got here I want to help you Get Started Now! I understand that it has been quite a journey to get here so I want to ensure you have an action plan with how to get to the root of your wellness roadblocks now! These pages provide direct access to advanced functional medicine labs, therapeutic supplement recommendations, and provide you with resources in my favorite podcasts and blogs to address your area of focus.

Start by taking the quiz below to best understand where to start and if you are between the selection of a couple categories as your entry point, look at the trends of overlap of labs, supplements, and programs to support your success in a comprehensive customized approach.

You can Start Now in any one of these categories, if the name alone leads you to where you want to go. However, if you’d like to follow the quiz format, read the bullets below and choose 6 highlights total as your top priorities. Whichever section has 2 or more is likely the best starting point for you.

Not into quizzes? Click around each topic to read more about highlights and focus, each section will have top supplements, labs, programs, and resources for immediate action or to delve deeper into free content to learn more!

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