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Whether you are just getting started on your wellness journey or are looking to address a specific condition or symptom, I have created these tools from the successful functional medicine approaches used in my clinic, Naturally Nourished, including affordable ebooks, virtual classes and webinars!

From weight loss with my Virtual Ketosis Program to beating the bloat with our Candida Ebook, and supporting resetting your body with my 10-day Real Food Detox, our Books and Programs give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and access functional medicine from wherever you are!

Kickstart your weight loss goals with this 12-week virtual class. Beyond weight loss, learn about the therapeutic benefits of ketosis as a sustainable approach to wellness including hormonal balance, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced autoimmune activity. Access bi-weekly live webinars, an online portal with customizable worksheets and a private Facebook group to support your process!

Start your functional medicine journey here and learn how you can use food-as-medicine to prevent and even reverse chronic illness. This virtual class includes downloadable handouts and worksheets, step-by-step recipe videos and is a comprehensive approach to optimal eating whether you are new to functional medicine or just need a refresher on best food selections! The Optimal Eating class is a sustainable way to kickstart your wellness journey not only educating you on what to eat but why it is important!

Reboot your system with a nutritionally supported detox with this 10 Day Detox Class and Ebook. Learn about ways to Reset your metabolism, Restore your digestion, and Renew your cellular health using real food. This program includes recipes with video demonstrations, a 50+ page ebook and 12 educational videos from how to avoid toxins, why organic is important, how the liver and kidneys work to detox, nutrients required, and structured layout to ensure a successful detox process!

My first published book includes over 100 gluten-free, low-glycemic, real food recipes packed with antioxidants and therapeutic ingredients. The appendix includes coding for dairy free, grain-free, and ketosis-friendly, as well as a 12-week meal plan for weight loss support. Each recipe has a food-as-medicine focus working to educate the user on why each ingredient matters! This book empowers you to take back control of your health with delicious recipes that motivate and satisfy while emphasizing the use of nature’s farmacy through anti-inflammatory recipes that heal the gut, boost metabolism, drive optimal organ function, and promote biochemical balance!

Can you really eat fat and get skinny? Learn about the process of ketosis, how to achieve a ketogenic state and how to monitor success, benefits of ketosis and how to use it as a tool to create optimal health outcomes. These two Ebooks contain supportive materials for your ketogenic journey including research to support how ketosis works in the body to combat chronic illness and reverse various disease states as well as recipes to help you take control of your health! Using fat as fuel can not only improve your body composition, but it can boost your brain power and energy while reducing chronic inflammation.

If you have been suffering from digestive issues including bloating, gas, constipation, loose stools or other bacteria related symptoms like rashes, brain fog, or inexplicable weight gain you need the Candida and Bacterial Cleanse! This 10 week protocol will guide you step by step to reset your gut bacteria for good. The successful application of our food-as-medicine program can empower you to take back control of your health without antibiotics or invasive procedures. Completing my 10 week cleanse will reset your microbiome to not only reduce symptoms but to work for you contributing towards balanced mood and metabolism.

Learn how you how to discover and treat the root causes of your body’s chemical imbalances using functional medicine approaches. Create your own personalized eating plan as a low-glycemic or ketogenic diet from dozens of delicious recipes, including Sweet Potato Avocado Toast, Zesty Creamy Carrot Soup, Almond Collagen Hot Chocolate, Stress Stabilizing Steamer, and more! This book includes 40+ recipes, quizzes, and supplement strategy to balance your mood and live with a clear balanced mind.

This Ebook includes 30+ cancer fighting recipes along with cutting edge information to help you fight tumor growth while supporting your body with anti-inflammatory nutrients from clean, unprocessed real foods. Learn tips for coping with side effects of chemotherapy as well as best food choices to support the detox process, provide antioxidants, and support your immune system.

Join me for our food-as-medicine webinars, based on functional medicine and timely disease topics. I will address the pathophysiology of each condition, discussing mechanisms of dysfunction and why imbalance occurs. By the end of each class, you will understand how conditions can be treated from the root cause, using nutritional compounds, botanicals, and specialized diets supported with food-as-medicine!

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